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The Quiet Irishman 2: Sarmale!

First of all I’d like to say it’s good to have some feedback so thanks to everyone for their comments and suggestions.

Not a lot of sun for the last week so not too much time spent out and about however that always leaves more time for food and drink; like any respectable Irish guy (if there is such a thing) one of the first things that comes to mind when you hit the ground in a new place is what’s the local drink and where can I get it? I have to be honest and say I haven’t indulged myself yet in either of the two recommended local drinks which are Ţuica and Palinca yet but fully intend on doing so at the next opportunity, might even be this evening.

If either are similar to the equivalent home grown version we have in Ireland which is “Poteen” then I’m sure it won’t take too many to have me at least trying to sing; for anyone reading this who happens to make there way to Ireland I’d strongly recommend you give it a try.

Any recommendations you might have for myself or any other readers are welcome, I’m sure there are other poisons out there that will make any good night even better!!

I’ve seen Palinca on offer in some of the bars but not sure about Ţuica; I’m sure you can get your hands on the nicely packaged commercial version of both however what most people who are just passing through want to experience is of course the real deal which is the domestic home brew. I don’t claim of course to be an expert on either; I’m really feeling my way around at the moment to experience some of the local culture here so when I eventually move on then whatever experiences I have had I’ll be able to at least give some accurate information to whomever may be thinking of visiting you here!

Of course you can’t survive on drink alone so I’ve been trying to find some of the better local dishes on offer here; I’m a strong believer in trying the local food wherever you go, what’s the point in travelling a thousand miles to eat a burger in Mickey D’s??

I could talk for a long time about the different food available here in Bucharest as there are simply thousands of local dishes unique to Romania, I’ve tasted a number of different offerings recommended by my colleagues here but one dish especially called Sarmale has made me come back for more!! It’s really vegetables & minced meet stuffed into a cabbage roll, maybe it’s my being Irish that attracts me to the cabbage but I have to say this is really one of the best foods I’ve tasted, almost addictive; probably ends up that it’s not so good for you considering it tastes so well, anything that tastes as good as that generally has to be bad for you although I really hope I’m wrong.

So in short if I was writing for a food show after being in Bucharest then I guess I’d recommend starting with a plate of hot Sarmale along with some Palinca or Ţuica, you can’t go to far wrong with that.

So I’ll carry on indulging myself with whatever recommendations I get for now and hopefully experience some more of the fine foods I’ve seen so far, including of course a few drinks to keep things lubricated!!

We’re getting through April now so I’m told we should be expecting some sunny weather pretty soon; which of course will bring the Girls out!! I can’t talk about Bucharest and Romania without giving the Girls a mention; after all Romania is renowned for more than just good food; just hope that they’re not all taller than I!!

Until next time! Slainte & La Revedere,

Quiet Irish Guy 🙂


7 comments to The Quiet Irishman 2: Sarmale!

  • Radu

    Mate, see if the HM himself still has (and, most importantly, is willing to share) some of the good stuff I brought him to get a taste of some epic tuica 😛

  • hm

    Radu – done!

    …next time bring us some slănină too!

  • Quiet Irish Guy :)

    Duly delivered first thing this morning Radu, direct from the HM :)) …I’ll report back tomorrow if I’m still in one piece, multumesc guys 🙂

  • Radu

    Slana… ce nu fac eu pt must! (sry dude, it’s slightly untranslatable)

    Still, if my plans do pan out there should be more coming both your ways by the end of the summer 🙂

  • Quiet Irish Guy :)

    Well I have to say it’s like rocket fuel haha 🙂 ….so definately need some more!!! Multumesc Radu, I look forward to the summer!!

  • Radu

    Anytime, mate, anytime; though I have heard of a dude who drank rocket fuel as a prank. Though odds are it may not be until NEXT summer that I’ll be back home. 🙁

    But the summer is great; there’s loads of stuff to look forward to. 🙂

  • Harvey

    Actually, the trouble with Romania is that we have rocket fuel, but no rockets.

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